The Vegas Prime Retrograde Teaser Trailer
I was tasked with building the Vegas Prime Retrograde teaser trailer. We wanted something that would be a hat tip to the material that inspires us.

Contributors Stuart Templeton, Thomas Hurtt

Created At Open Form Games

Role Creative Director, Lead Designer, 3d Artist, Developer

The Challenge

Building a game trailer that communicated the tone and style of the game while building a sense of mystery.

The Solution

An edgy, abstract narrative that drops breadcrumbs about the main story line, interspersed with 3d scenes that paint a picture of what the player can expect.

Composing the Audio

I wrote the score of the teaser trailer in Reaper. The foley and other sound effects were created in Audacity.

COMSAT Kuiper 3

I built COMSAT Kuiper 3 using Sketchup with an emphasis on creating reusable components. The satellite body was intended to be used as a future explorable location in Vegas Prime Retrograde.

I built and animated the scene within Unity3D using a combination of C# scripts and the Unity Timeline. The look and feel of Vegas Prime Retrograde was preserved by reusing our existing post-processing stack.

The DSV Aphelion

I constructed DSV Aphelion using Blender. Ships are considered characters in Vegas Prime Retrograde and as a result, I needed more control over the sculpting process than Sketchup allows.

This scene was also built and animated in Unity3D using a combination of C# scripts and the Unity Timeline. Vegas Prime Retrograde provided the post-processing stack and liberal use of particle emitters created the corona.

The result is a brief, yet engaging game teaser trailer.