Vegas Prime Branding and Merchandise
I was tasked with designing the branding materials and merchandise for the Vegas Prime Retrograde franchise.

Contributors Stuart Templeton, Thomas Hurtt

Created At Open Form Games

Role Creative Director, Lead Designer, 3d Artist, Developer

The Challenge

The primary challenge was striking a balance between a brand identity that reinforces the cyberpunk genre while differentiating based on Open Form Games' unique, "avant-garde" perspective.

The Solution

Our solution was a simple logo to identify the core actions of the game: hacking, with borrowed inspiration from 90s Hong Kong cinema and French New Wave cinema from the 60s.

The Hack Symbol

The central piece of design was the hack symbol. I found inspiration in the early days of wi-fi adoption and the hacking community, notably the "Open Wi-fi" symbol: }{

The design was intended to be simple, something that could be spray painted on a wall quickly by a character. It represents the notion of interconnectivity while also conveying the invasive qualities of system invasion.

The 3d logo was created and edited in Unity, and animated with a combination of C# scripts and Unity Timeline.

The Movie Posters

I created French New Wave inspired movie posters as promotional material for comic-cons and other trade-shows. Some of these exist as homage to Saul Bass, pairing his iconic style with our visual language.

These were effective as event giveaways, as a tool to pull interest toward our brand.

Business Cards

Business cards, front and back. Simple, elegant design with a hat-tip to French New Wave cinema.

T-Shirts, Stickers, and Store-front

In addition to repackaging some of our promo artwork, I created new pieces specifically to draw attention to our characters and our style. These pieces are on a variety of products, ranging from t-shirts and stickers to custom gaming mice.